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Australian Prescriber abril 2013

Volume 36 Number 2 April 2013

 Metformin: myths, misunderstandings and lessons from history G Shenfield

 Letters to the Editor

Drug-induced sexual dysfunction in men and women HM Conaglen, JV Conaglen
 Sex, drugs and alcohol: drug interactions of concern to consumers GM Vernon

 Skin glues for wound closure G Marshall
 Folate for therapy S Parker, P Hanrahan, C Barrett
 Abnormal laboratory results
 Urinary drug screening D Gerostamoulos

Medicinal mishap
 Incorrectly dropped in the eye

Medicines Safety Update  
In this issue
Montelukast – neuropsychiatric risks
Use of 2013 seasonal influenza vaccines in children
Denosumab and severe hypocalcaemia

Dental notes
 Sex, drugs and alcohol

Book review  
Therapeutic Guidelines: Ulcer and wound management.
Bad Pharma

New drugs
 Ingenol mebutate for actinic keratoses
Live Japanese encephalitis vaccine

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