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Bohemian Polypharmacy parodia a la rapsodia Bohemia

del impresionante  James McCormack

Is this my real life?
Is this my destiny?
I've been caught in a landslide,
Must escape polypharmacy.

¿Es esta mi vida real?
Es este mi destino?
He estado atrapado en un deslizamiento de tierra,
Debo escapar de la polifarmacia.

I've opened my eyes,
Looked up to the skies now I see,
If I'm not a sick boy, I need no remedy,
But I trusted you, you should know
You started high, never low,
Many guidelines are opinions so they may not apply to me, to me.

He abierto los ojos,
Miré hacia arriba al cielo y ahora puedo ver,
Si no soy un muchacho enfermo, no necesito ningún remedio,
Pero yo confiaba en ti, debería saberlo
Empezaste alto, nunca con lo minimo,
Muchas guías son opiniones, por lo que muchas pueden no aplicarse a mí, a mí.

Medications, can kill a man,
Like a gun against his head,
Used too many, now he's dead.
Medications, can also help,
So no don't go and throw them all away.

Los medicamentos, pueden matar a un hombre,
Como un arma contra su cabeza,
Utilizó demasiados, ahora está muerto.
Los medicamentos también pueden ayudar,
Así que no vayas y tires a todos por la borda.

Medications, ooh,
I'll give them a try,
But if I've not improved at all by this time tomorrow,
I won't carry on, carry on unless I'm feeling better.

Medicamentos, ooh,
Voy a intentar con ellos,
Pero si no he mejorado para mañana a esta hora,
No voy a seguir adelante, a menos que me sienta mejor.

Too late, this drug I'm on,
Made mincemeat of my mind,
Body's aching all the time.
Come on some drugs have got to go,
Gotta leave these all behind and find what works.

Demasiado tarde, ya estoy econ el fármaco,
Hizo carne picada de mi mente,
El cuerpo me duele en todo momento.
Vamos, algunos medicamentos deben irse,
Hay que dejar todos y encontrar lo que funciona.

Medications, ooh (is this helping who knows),
I don't wanna try,
Unless you tell me the benefits and harms for all.

Medicamentos, ooh (será de ayuda? quién sabe)
No quiero intentarlo,
A menos que me cuenten todos los beneficios y los daños.

Drugs can make a little silhouetto of a man,
Where's the proof, where's the proof, do you have at least one study?
Randomised and blinded,
Really enlightening me.
(Cochrane library) Cochrane library.
(Cochrane library) Cochrane library,
Cochrane library. Did you know?

Los medicamentos pueden empequeñecer al hombre,
¿Dónde está la prueba, ¿dónde está la prueba, ¿tiene al menos un estudio?
Aleatorizado y ciego,
Realmente me ilumina.
(Cochrane Library) Biblioteca Cochrane.
(Cochrane Library) Biblioteca Cochrane,
Biblioteca Cochrane. Sabías?

I'm not a slow boy, inform me well I may agree
He's not a slow boy please listen to his plea,
Spare him his life from polypharmacy.

No soy un chico lento, si me informan bien, pudiera aceptar
Él no es un chico lento, por favor escuchen su plegaria,
Aparten la polifarmacia de su vida
Easy come, easy go, will you start it low?
Specialist! No, we will not start it low.
(Start it low!) Specialist! We will not start it low.
(Start it low!) Specialist! We will not start it low.
(Start it low) Will not start it low.
(Start it low) Will not start it low.
Ah. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Medications, medications, medications, start them low.
We've got to find the right dose that will work for me, for me, for me.

Fácil viene, fácil se va, vas a iniciarlo con lo mínimo?
Especialistas No, no vamos a iniciarlo con lo mínimo.
(comienza lentamente !) Especialistas No vamos a iniciarlo con lo mínimo.
(comienza lentamente !) Especialistas No vamos a iniciarlo con lo mínimo.
(comienza lentamente) No empieces lentamente .
(comienza lentamente) No empieces lentamente .
Ah. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
medicamentos, medicamentos, medicamentos, comienza con ellos con lo minimo.
Tenemos que encontrar la dosis correcta que funcione para mí, para mí, para mí.

So you think you can test me and not tell me why?
So you think you can drug me and leave me to die?
Oh, baby, can't do this to me, baby,
Just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here.

(Oh, yeah, oh yeah)

¿Así que crees que puedes probar fármacos conmigo y no decirme por qué?
Así que piensas que puedes “drogar” y dejarme morir?
Oh, cariño, no me puedes hacer esto, cariño,
Simplemente tengo que salir, sólo tengo que salir de aquí.

(Oh, sí, oh sí)
Stopping medications,
Anyone can see,
Stopping medications,
Can really make a difference to me.

Suspender los medicamentos,
Cualquiera lo puede ver,
Suspender los medicamentos,
Puede realmente hacer la diferencia para mí.

Is this helping, who knows?

¿Esto ayuda, quién sabe?

James McCormack - with lyric help from David Scotten and creative input from Pete McCormack
Also thanks to those of you who provided some editing comments - you know who you are and thanks for your ideas!!

Liam Styles Chang (Lead Vocals)
Shae Scotten (Background Vocals)
Check their band out at
Check out their new album "The Four Winds" at

Sam Gilchrist

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Copyright Issues
1. The original song is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen - a classic song
2. In Canada we have a law that states the use of copyrighted material as part of "Fair dealing for the purpose of research, private study, education, parody or satire does not infringe copyright"
3. The use is solely for non-commercial purposes
4. The use is solely for the purposes of education - promoting the concepts of evidence-based medicine to healthcare providers and patients
5. It is parody as it equates the original context of the song - about relationships - to the love/hate benefit/harm relationships we have with medications
6. Written permission from the Karaoke (the background music) people to use their content was obtained
7. Substantive transformative changes have been made - new lyrics and vocals
8. Where needed/possible (paid or free) copyright for the images and videos used has been obtained

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